Don't neglect the exterior of your commercial property

Don't neglect the exterior of your commercial property

Here's why you shouldn’t neglect the exterior of your commercial property

Keeping up appearances...

Never judge a book by its cover. It’s good in theory, but we all still do it. As a commercial property owner, the exterior of your property is the first impression you are giving prospective tenants. It’s also the first impression your tenants are giving their clients. Therefore, the benefits of maintaining a tidy, safe, well-maintained exterior are two-fold.

Here are six things to consider about the exterior of your property to help retain the value or your investment and attract and retain quality tenants:

Building exterior – the lack of a good paint job will have your building looking like something the Adams Family would live in. At the very least, you don’t want your building to look derelict and new paint is a great remedy. You could also play with colours to differentiate your property but be careful you don’t turn prospective tenants off with anything too dramatic!

Outdoor spaces – it’s easy to overlook outdoor spaces, but it’s amazing what a difference a well-placed bench seat or a few plants in pots can do for the look and feel of a property. Also, don’t let unused spaces become a dumping ground.

Landscaping – for most businesses, easy care is preferable. If you have planted areas, make sure they looked cared for. Use bark chips or other types of mulch to discourage weeds and pull out dead or dying plants before they become an eyesore.

Safety – In addition to complying with building codes, an extra focus on safety will be appreciated by prospective tenants. Consider these: Is there enough lighting? Are there any trip hazards? Is the property well-secured?

Maintenance – keeping your property in good condition not only makes it look cared for and professional, it also provides protection from the elements.

Car parks – in many of our cities, parking is at a premium. Having adequate parking spots will certainly add value to your business but ensuring they are well-maintained show an extra level of professionalism. Potholes and poor paint markings will discourage prospective tenants or clients to visit again.

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